Five Minute Journal: Do You Believe in Magic?

Quote of the day:

[bctt tweet= “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. – ROALD DAHL” username=”mohitsawhney”]


I am grateful for…

  1. ..everything that sowed in me, the seed of being of service to others, and doing the right things. Rest of it may appear like magic, but in reality, it is nothing but natural principle. If we do good, the results can only be good.
  2. ..having a life that is rich with things and people I love. There is so much to look forward to every single moment, I feel blessed.
  3. ..being on the path to stoicism, and having tasted the contentment that comes with it. Bliss.

What would make today great?

  1. List down all overdue tasks and get them back on track.
  2. Write a draft version of my weekly blog, “5 Bullet Tuesday”.
  3. Celebrate accomplishments of the week and convert the challenges into opportunities. Yes you can.
Daily affirmations. I am … comfortable in my own skin.
Amazing things that happened today…
  1. It’s said that “what goes around comes around”, and today was another day when quite a lot came around. In more ways than one. It’s important to go around doing the right things
  2. I loved hearing this quote from the book, The Trillion Dollar  Coach, in an interview with one of the authors, Alan Eagle. The book is about the life of Bill Campbell who worked for companies like Apple and Google, for free. His famous dialogue was, “I don’t take money, I don’t take stocks. And, I don’t take shit!”
  3. Was able to get a lot more done using the principle, “You don’t have to be great, to serve. But you have to serve, to be great!” This shifts the focus back on serving and helping and touching other’s lives, rather than doing it all for oneself. 
How could I have made today better?
  • Got lured into checking the phone in the living room, every time there was a notification. Sad, I wasted the time I could have spent with my loved ones. Could have kept the phone away, in the fridge may be. Digital Minimalism, here I come…
  • If I recall the 2 x 2 time management matrix, apparently I’m drifting towards the urgent and important, and hence getting busier than ever (Do). Got to get my other boxes right especially the “Important, Not Urgent” one, which indeed requires some planning.

  • More to do towards becoming a Clock builder rather than a Time teller. This week was about building the systems which continue to work, even when us human’s feel lethargic (and the winter chill these days is just adding to it..). But got a road to cover in building systems to prevent the balls that are getting dropped these days. (Car break down today was an indicator!)

Look Under The Covers

I generally get the gas filled in my car every fortnight, and make it a point to get the tyres pressure checked along with that as a ritual. Air pressure is complimentary service that most gas stations provide, although people sometimes tip a rupee or two to the overly ill-dressed guy who fills the air who looks rather more poor than he really would be. My general observation has been that since this is a free service, it is hard to get. This guy is usually indifferent and missing from the scene and there have been several occasions when I have driven off without the pressure checks, in frustration.

I hadn’t been able to get the air pressure checks since last two visits to Gas station and this time I was desperate. But as usual, the guy was not there. My usual practice is to blow the horn several times, and after that, I would come out of the car showing madness on my face, and shout around – “Where is this guy?”. No one listens I think and even if they do, they don’t respond. If they do after a lot of pushing for an answer, it has always been a, “We don’t know!

The above hasn’t given me positive results ever I guess, but I follow the same steps always nonetheless. That makes me fit into the definition of Insane people according to Einstein:

[fbq] “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” –  Albert Einstein [fbq]

So this time around also, I repeated the above steps and was about to leave in frustration, and that was the time when a Eureka moment must have happened to me. I think I realized I had been acting insane and I must do something different. I observed more closely that I had done in the past. There was a small shack just behind the Air machine. It had a thick curtain which must have been made of a blanket. There was nothing such as a door to know so I removed the curtain covers after making a “Knock Knock” sound. And there he was, the guy who fills air, was relaxing to glory and oblivious to the world around and apparently his own job. It is what it is, but I had found the guy and more importantly I had learnt a bigger lesson – “One that one has to look under the covers!”

This story is actually a metaphor for the mistakes I so often made in other spheres of life as well. I guess that is also true for others. In the face of a challenging problem, we would go running to someone else for a solution even without giving it the required time or thought ourself. We are so troubled in the face of a problem that our knee-jerk reaction is to quickly find someone else to address it. Let me shout around and if no one responds or listens, then I can easily be frustrated and say that it’s not my problem and just that no one helps here and people are in general very selfish.

Well, that’s the exact CHANGE of mindset I want to suggest in this post. I am also reminded of some Managers in the past, who would simply forward the mails to the whole 300 people team, the moment it arrived, with nothing added and no clear direction, that is with no value add. That is never going to help, at best it is going to leave 300 people reading something and trying to interpret it in 300 different ways ultimately leaving the same Manager frustrated and mad.

Look under the obvious covers and see if your solutions are hidden under. Chances are that they are. This seems so obvious but we still keep forgetting it. I started writing this blog day before but couldn’t finish it the same day. I can’t believe I myself forgot the next morning about it and had to stop myself and remind myself of it. My wife and I had decided a diet plan which meant we have bananas at the start of the day, before we had our bed tea. I went out looking for bananas but didn’t find them on the table where I expected them. I was about to run back to my wife shouting where on earth were they kept. Fortunately I recalled the lesson I had learnt the previous day and decided to do my homework first. I looked in the kitchen and in the living room, and finally in the fridge to find the bananas there.
Before you decide to shout…, stop and think – and look under the covers. It will be worth it!