He’s Crazy Like a Fool..

Its funny how things change over time. What I would have considered embarrassing until a few years ago, is exactly what I am proud of about Dad today!

See the picture. It tells so much about Dad which is hard for me to express as well in words.  

There was this one plastic chair which broke – broken leg. A Leg which completely came off. It was to any ordinary human being as if it is done and over with. But not for Dad. He’s made the impossible possible. Look at the picture and you can validate that for me.

He is one person who finds joy in doing things, in achieving results. He spent so much time in fixing the chair. Not that he doesn’t have the money or that he can’t buy a new one or he can’t throw the broken one. He’s always up to something with no time to waste or feel low.

It’s just that he is so full of life and energy and he is so much about making things right and finding possibility where anybody and for me it would have been impossible for me to even think of doing something like thing and I’m sure for most of you as well.

Now, you can laugh at it, or we can make fun. You can say that it is cheap or ridiculous or just a jugaad as we call it. But it tells a lot more about the man who’s done it. About the possibilities that exist even when we think that it’s all over.

Now close your eyes just for five seconds and recall one thing about your Mom and Dad that do which seems crazy or eccentric or insane or embarrassing? Chances are it will bring a smile to you and if not now, then in time, that very thing about them is what you might be proud of.

[bctt tweet=”“If you think anyone is sane you just don’t know enough about them.”  ― Christopher Moore” username=”mohitsawhney”]

Here’s wishing you happiness in achieving results. Here’s wishing you innovative ideas to problems which seem impossible. Here’s wishing you the courage to walk up to your Dad or Mom and plant them a kiss... and do that, regardless of perhaps because of how crazy you think they are! 

Signing off..