[5-Bullet Tuesday] Your choice: Heaven or Hell.

Hi All,

Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Tuesday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering.

Story I loved

A man dies and goes to the gate of Heaven and Hell. Since the man had been good all his life, God gives him an option to choose where he’d like to go. The man requests God to allow him to see both Heaven and Hell, before confirming. God gladly concedes to that request.

So, he first enters the gate of Hell. He is surprised to see there us a big dining table and people sitting around it in their chairs. He notices some of the world’s best delicacies being served on the table. Every one is being offered their favorite dishes. People have also been given forks and knives which they are supposed to use to eat. However, he notices there is one problem – People are hungry but not eating. He sees that the reason for that is that the forks and knives are giant sized, almost the size of a sword. Therefore, no one is able to use them to eat. And so they are dying of hunger even though the food is right in front of them.

The man then goes inside Heaven. He sees the exact same arrangement there too – the same huge dining table, the delicious looking food and the oversized forks and knives. However, he notices one difference – People are eating. People on one side of the table were feeding the ones on the other side. No one was left unfed.

Help others.
Feed them.
It is the same world.
Make it Heaven and not Hell.
You will be satisfied and you’ll be fed too.

Quotes I’m pondering —

Gandhi’s Top 10 quotes to help us live in bliss:

  1. Change Yourself
  2. You are in control
  3. Forgive and let go!
  4. Take care of This Moment
  5. Without action, you aren’t going anywhere
  6. Persist.
  7. Everyone is HUMAN
  8. See the good in people and help them
  9. Grow and Evolve
  10. Be Congruent. Be Authentic. Be Your True Self.

What I learnt –

I learnt the importance of meditation by this short anecdote.

Lord Buddha was once asked, “What have you gained by meditation?

He replied, “Nothing.

Then, after a little pause, he added, “But let me tell you what I have lost – Anger, Anxiety, Insecurity, Fears, Depression…

A page from my old diary–

Enjoy every moment of every day. Learn from Dogs:

  1. When a loved one comes home, run to greet them.
  2. Never pass up an opportunity to go for a joyride.
  3. Experience fresh air and wind in your face to be be pure ecstasy
  4. Stretch before rising
  5. Run, romp and play daily.
  6. Thrive on attention and let people touch you.
  7. Avoid biting when a little growl would do.
  8. On cool days, like on your back on the grass.
  9. Drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.
  10. Dance when you’re happy and wag your entire body.
  11. Be loyal.
  12. Delight in simple joy of a long walk.
  13. Don’t pretend.
  14. Dig until you find, if what you want is buried.
  15. Sit close, be silent, and nuzzle, when someone is having a bad day.

What I’m looking forward to —

There are two authors who I have read almost all books of – John Maxwell and Robin Sharma. So, I couldn’t resist myself from pre-ordering Robin Sharma’s upcoming book The Every Day Hero Manifesto. I have had a love-hate relationship with Robin Sharma’s writings but I just can’t ignore him.

Expecting some new and practical ideas from the book rather than the old goody goody stuff. Would love to share and hear your views on Robin Sharma books.                      

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