Attended the farewell of Mrs Amita Mulla Wattal, Principal – Springdales Pusa, today. Zoom Zindabad.
Hysterical moment- Those who know Mrs. Wattal know her as a woman of substance, one who always practiced what she preached.
I particularly loved the lines of Urdu Shayari by Mubarak Siddiqui she recited at the end of her speech. I later googled the full version and translated it for myself and you 🙂
A little longish – read it when you have some peaceful time – I’m sure you will find it inspiring. (I’ll look forward to your feedback on my amateurish translating abilities.)
ḳhizāñ kī rut meñ gulāb lahja banā ke rakhnā kamāl ye hai,
havā kī zad pe diyā jalānā jalā ke rakhnā kamāl ye hai !

(During difficult times (autumn), maintaining a positive tone like a rose - that is beauty,
When the wind is blowing hard, to light up a lamp, and keep it lit - that is beauty!)
zarā sī laġhzish pe toḌ dete haiñ sab ta.alluq zamāne vaale ,
so aise vaisoñ se bhī ta.alluq banā ke rakhnā kamāl ye hai !

(At the slightest mistake, people break the relationships,
but to keep up with hundreds of such relations - that is beauty!)
kisī ko denā ye mashvara ki vo dukh bichhaḌne kā bhuul jaa.e ,
aur aise lamhe meñ apne aañsū chhupā ke rakhnā kamāl ye hai !

(Advising someone that they should forget the pain of separation,
and in times like these, hiding ones own tears - that is beauty!)
ḳhayāl apnā mizāj apnā pasand apnī kamāl kyā hai ,
jo yaar chāhe vo haal apnā banā ke rakhnā kamāl ye hai !

(Ones own thought, ones own temperament, ones own taste, what is the beauty in this?
whatever the beloved wants, to mould oneself like that- that is beauty!)
kisī kī rah se ḳhudā kī ḳhātir uThā ke kāñTe haTā ke patthar ,
phir us ke aage nigāh apnī jhukā ke rakhnā kamāl ye hai !

(From someone's path, for God's sake, picking thorns and removing rocks,
and on top of that, staying humble with eyes downcast- that is beauty!)
vo jis ko dekhe to dukh kā lashkar bhī laḌkhaḌā.e shikast khaa.e ,
laboñ pe apne vo muskurāhaT sajā ke rakhnā kamāl ye hai !

(Seeing which, an army of sorrow also trembles down to defeat,
decorating that smile forever on your face - that is beauty!)

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