Here’s to Hope

Why is Christmas Celebrated?

When a well-read, adult poses such a question in a friends WhatsApp group, it’s clear that he’s not seeking a scholarly response.

Probably because every religion had to have a grand annual event, and that is what X-Mas is for Christians.

Was my reply, and soon after posting it, I hoped I hadn’t offended anyone’s sentiments by saying so. But isn’t that’s what it really is? One thing all religions agree on is that lifting the hopes of people is essential for their survival. And that’s why, we have these festivals – Eid, Diwali, Gurupurab and Christmas, so everyone stays hopeful.

Of course, people from all religions celebrate these festivals with a lot of fervor.

Another friend shared on another Whatsapp group that Carol of the Bells, a popular Christmas carol, is based on the Ukrainian song called “Shchedryk.

The English Language lyrics were written by Peter Wilhousky and released circa 1936, during the time of Great Depression (1929-1939). It has also been used as Theme Music, in the movie Home Alone (1990).

The song, like the festival itself, brings hope to its listeners, during dark and dreary winter seasons.

So, stay hopeful no matter how difficult your circumstances are. That’s the reason Christmas (and most other festivals for that matter) are celebrated.

Merry Christmas!