How to Change A Dull Day Into A Memorable One?

Can you believe how easy it is to change a usual working day into one that we can cherish for times to come?

All it needs is a bit of effort and clear intention to make your relationship grow. My wife, Deepti and I drive back together from work. I was tired and worked up with my mind preoccupied with work related worries. What didn’t go well today, planning tomorrow and other usual stuff. Deepti asked me “Why are you taking a different route today?”

I had taken a turn towards Satya Niketan while we usually go via Dhaula Kuan.

Before I could answer, she added, “Is it because you want to take me out on a coffee date?”

I said, “Yes, of course!” (even though the reality was that I had decided to take the other route hoping there would be less traffic. )

I could have closed the little window of opportunity had I said, “Are you kidding. I have had a long day and I better get home and take some rest!)

On the way, to the coffee shop, we saw many young college-going couples. I wrapped my arms around Deepti the way some of those youngsters were wrapping theirs around their girlfriends. It felt great. I felt younger. All this sounds normal if you’re with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or if you’re recently married but not when you are married for 10 years, and have two small children. Generally, romance ends up taking a backseat and neglect takes the front seat as far as the partners are concerned.

Anyway, we went to Cafe Coffee Day that stands right opposite Venkateshwara college. Deepti ordered a Chocolate Brownie with a Vanilla scoop. I decided that we also have a Latte. We shared our coffee and brownie. We started talking and we got to know things about each other that we didn’t ever know. In fact, we shared a few things that we hadn’t shared with anyone else before!

Our high school days and how we felt in our adolescence.

It is Tuesday today, have to go to work tomorrow and have the rest of the work week waiting to be taken care of. We had stolen just one hour in a week which has taken our relationship in an upward direction. What a fantastic investment of time! All this started with a simple question. Not all days are like that or can be like that. But I think the question really is: Are we paying attention and looking for opportunities to change a simple, run of the mill kind of day into one that becomes a lifetime memory?

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In our case, we do. Thank you God for that. Being intentional about this is half the battle won.

We don’t feel guilty for stealing some time for each-other. I was listening to a Barry Ham podcast today where he mentions that many parents give up on the relationship with their partners so badly that they start looking for a husband or wife in their children (for emotional support).

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Strength of relationship and bonding between partners also gives children a better sense of security, peace and happiness. So, keep looking for opportunities to make your bond stronger. Wish ya the best!

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