[5-Bullet Tuesday] What’s Your Definition of Success?

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Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Tuesday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering.

What I’m reading –

Expect to Win, by Carla Haris. This is a simple read that offers practical and believable advice around bringing one’s complete self to work. I do sometimes end up putting a veil around and avoiding sharing my passions such as for Toastmasters, public speaking and even writing! I am recovering from this and reading this book is a sure shot way to get where I need to be.

Expect to Win : 10 Proven Strategies for Thriving in the Workplace by ...

I am even more happy about reading this book because Carla is a successful investment banker whose speech I witnessed when she was invited at my workplace, Macquarie. She talked about how she navigated her life despite the biases and prejudices she faced as a Black American in her early years and especially when he joined the corporate world.

What Movie I watched —

When we’re watching a movie as a family, the test of its success can be determined based on how many in the family sat through till the end. If that is the parameter that looks reasonable to you, you can watch Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan which is now on Netflix.

The movie starts off on a bloody note leaving audiences wondering why and causing Sohana, my 10 years old daughter, to be teary eyed with hands folded hysterically pleading us to switch to some other movie. Suddenly, mom mentions that my nieces had liked the movie, so Sohana gives us and the movie another chance (phew!) and thankfully the movie too picks up pace and then keeps the audience and Sohana hooked thereafter unfolding the backstories by the time it reaches the end.

Jawaan: SRK's Blockbuster Return to the Silver Screen on September 7 ...

I watched it more for seeking answers to the questions opened in the beginning while the moral issues such as the plight of the farmers felt much less palpable. It appeared like these elements were added to satiate today’s audience which would have felt unimpressed with a simplistic revenge story. Maybe there was a better way to overcome that. Anyway, watch it for suspense, action, drama and Shahrukh Khan!

What book I’d gift to my teenage child–

If there was one book I will give to my teenage son as a gift, it’ll have to be “Art of Work” by Jeff Goins. This book addresses the question that many find difficulties answering:
What is my passion?
What am I called to do?

The Art of Work by Jeff Goins - A ReviewIt does that through novel ways such as observing what passes the test of painful practice. Painful practice means what is it that you continue doing despite it being hard to the extent of being painful?

If you have seen the web series Bandish Bandits (which my entire family loves and I have watched twice!), the protagonist, Radhe goes through extremes like being away from the homely comforts, staying muted (मौन ) and feeding himself by begging for food to continue his love for singing.

Quote I’m pondering —

Success is progressive realization of worthwhile goals. – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quote: “Success is the progressive realization of a ...

This definition makes one successful as soon as one starts setting and moving toward a goal. Setting your goals itself puts you in a 5% category of people in the world.

What I learnt –

Tanav, my son, picks my 2013 vision diary and starts to flip through the pages. Your 2013 goal was to buy a BIG car?

I am driving him home along with mom and Sohana, my daughter. Good news is that I am more at ease with my personal diary being read and that too in front my mom and Sohana than I would have been at any earlier occasion.

..and resolving the property matter, and becoming a Sr Manager?

We discuss a bit around how I navigated through those goals and how I discerned the real goals from the goals as I understood at the time.

I am glad that all of those goals are a reality today. Some err actually most took much longer that the year but that’re all done! I can tell because I decide whether they’re done or not.

I learn that making a note of one’s dreams is the starting point to get more clarity which eventually gets one going to achieve those dreams.  That increases the probability of those goals becoming true multifold. As we see 2024 approaching us quickly, perhaps a good time to jot down the yearly goals? If your answer is yes, start now and in case you’re looking for some inspiration, you could use the same workbook I’m planning to go for – Dan Miller’s dream activation workbook.

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