They’ll Do What You Do, Not What You Tell Them To Do!

“Is this magic?”, I am left wondering nowadays.

As a parent, I always wished that Tanav, my 7 year old son, reads more and expresses himself better. Perhaps, I would have told him too several times in the past but that counseling hadn’t helped one bit.

And today, Tanav, is sitting next to me and writing his journal! It is about 10 PM and he has been following this daily nightly ritual since last 7 days!

It’s such a wonder to see this little guy, who was in my lap till not so long ago, write his mind! 

Curiosity could have killed me so I sought his permission to read his diary and thankfully I was granted that (..well so far so good).

He has a section called Thank You For, where he is writing about what he is grateful for –  for giving us this life, the house, food..

Another section called I Want To, where he writes about what he wants to do today, tomorrow and in life. Some of his words are eye-openers, like when he wrote, I want to be a Science Teacher!

There is another section called Doing,where he writes about what he and others in the family are doing. Papa is writing, Mom is sleeping..

There are also, of course, a lot of his random thoughts on the pages.

He is also reading a lot these days.

Gerenimo Stilton’s The Phoenix of Destiny. It’s not an easy book to read, not for him. But last Sunday, he was sitting on his desk for over an hour reading.

I am not sure how much he is absorbing, but that doesn’t matter at the moment. I am so glad that he is enjoying reading and that too independently! This would have been a far cry till a few months back.

It’s more surprising that Tanav is continuing to do the above despite the fact that my nieces, his cousins, are here. He still takes out the time to read and write from his busy play schedule!

Now, you must be wondering how this change happened?

Answer is pretty simple but yet, we parents keep forgetting it.

Tanav does so because he is observing what his Mum and Dad do. The sections in his diary look familiar to me because my journal also has sections for Gratitude, Random Notes, What I want to do.

They'll Do What You Do
Tanav and Me ‘Cleaning’ after a Rain storm

I read quite a bit and write daily. Deepti, my wife, does so too.

The point I want to put across in today’s post is that: Those small eyes and ears are observing you in what you do. They are learning from you.

They will do what you do, not what you ask them to do!

Question: How has your experience been in inculcating a new habit in your child? Share your thoughts below.

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