Changing the ASP.NET Configuration of Your Domain


here are a zillion reasons for the websites to go down. But it’s heart breaking when the site does go down, isn’t it? What makes it worse is when neither you nor the support team is able to give you a quick response to what went wrong or what would fix it after all.

My site, actually all the three domains I actively manage went down for no rhyme or reason – it never rains, it pours!

Reaching the Godaddy support isn’t a grand experience these days. I recall the old days when having a website was a either considered a luxury or a business, and the support teams from Godaddy would go all out to sort it out for you.

Things have changed now. Perhaps that’s because every Tom, Harry and you know who has a website and the cost saving for Godaddy and other such companies is more important than customer satisfaction.

To make it worse, every one from Godaddy support is apparently working from home (thanks to COVID-19) and the phones got disconnected four times, leading to a fresh start each time.

Besides, every time the approach taken by the support agent to fix the problem was different. That’s like each doctor advising a different treatment for the same disease, make the patient so anxious, nervous and clueless which way to head.

Thankfully, the fourth person fixed the assumingly monstrous problem in a minute.

“Please check if the website is running now.”

I was happily surprised with his confidence and the site did come up after all.  💜

“What magic did you do?”, I asked

“All I did was change the ASP.NET version. If you’re facing such issues with other domains, try toggling or changing to the latest ASP.NET version.”

I did try this same thing for my other site and that was brought up in minutes too.

All the best with your platform building. Ciao