[5-Bullet Tuesday] How Often Do You Ask For Help?

Hi All,

Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Tuesday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering. Some relatives were over yesterday including my brother in law from the US. He asked my 13 year old son, Tanav what he wanted to become. I was utterly shocked when Tanav replied, “Software Engineer“. Knowing how shy he is, he is likely saying something safe to avoid a conversation. I’m wondering how might we help him see the available career options to help him decide. Hence, today’s blog is to share what my career experience has taught me:

Quote I loved –

I certainly haven’t lived my life by this principle but I’m glad I was lucky to find friends, books and Toastmasters which nudged me to keep trying and failing at things and moving on (QA, BD, Training, Blogging, Poetry…).

Most people find it hard to pinpoint what they want to do, but it’s easy to try and figure out what one doesn’t want to do. Keep experimenting to discover what you’re really meant to do and enjoy the process. And as Mr. Churchill says – stay enthusiastic!

New word I discovered —

Frexcitement” – its the feeling of fright + excitement. You are frightened about biting more that you can chew but equally excited about where it’s going to take you. A feeling common among project managers like me which should have had a name.

It’s a big #motivator for me too @Bindu Oleti. She’s the friend who shared this very relatable new word with me. I am so frexcited to spread its use :).

I am in this frexcited state every day. If you’re frexcited, remember it’s a good thing. It’s helping you grow!

Poem that made me nostalgic, “SOMETIMES”

I wish someone had shared this with me earlier. Keeping this in mind will allow you to squeeze the juice out of whatever your doing at present.

(Use https://quozio.com/ for converting your quotes to images like this one ☝️ )

Question I’m pondering —

That’s a question my 13 year old son, Tanav has been asking me.

What’s your IQ?

Here’s a different take on IQ which I totally agree with:

IQ, The “Irritability Quotient”:

The ability to absorb anger, criticism, and annoyance from others and how calmly we handle situations.

This IQ indeed determines our level of happiness, productivity.. and our growth in our careers.

(Source: LinkedIn)

What I learnt –

Do you feel a sense of discomfort in asking someone for help?

You feel that you’re supposed to solve the problem yourself, and that asking for help would mean you’re seen as weak or unskilled or lacking knowledge?

Well, the world has, thankfully, evolved from that school of thought. You’d be far better off if you keep yourselves in a circle where you ask/ discuss and apply the learning as you go. It keeps you and the people who support you energized and in a positive frame of mind.


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