[5-Bullet Tuesday] When Was the Last Time You Thanked Someone?

Hi All,

Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Tuesday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering.

Web series I watched-

With the current COVID-19 situation already giving us enough reasons to stay anxious, who wants to watch another horror or suspense web series?

At least I don’t.

But a friend had recommended it, so I thought I’d at least see a bit of -Breathe: into the shadows, with a promise to myself to stop it the moment it gives my heart any sign of ache.

But guess what, I didn’t have to stop.

 Well, not to say that it doesn’t have the ingredients of a good suspense story, but more than that, it is the acting, the pace and the direction which keeps the story going. Besides, one can relate with the protagonist after all. As you can guess, I’m trying my best not to divulge the details while still nudging you to go watch it. You may not give it a five on five but you’ll enjoy watching it thoroughly with your family. Here’s the direct Amazon Prime link. It’s rated 16+ and it was mostly my wife and I watching it, with occasional peep-ins from children.

Quote I’m pondering-

[bctt tweet=”If you can name it, you can tame it. – Daniel Siegal ” username=”mohitsawhney”]

Whether it is your anxiety or fear, if you put a name tag to it, you will be able to tame it. Same holds true when you’re preparing to give a speech. Once you are able to pinpoint the key message – in the speech title or a foundational phrase, you will be able to build the rest of the content around it.

Movie I watched-

Yes, I’m watching a lot of stuff these days. I think most of the travel time is going into consuming content. Not all of what I’m watching is great, but Gunjan Saxena – The Kargil Girl, is one movie which is must watch. It is a beautifully made, has a powerful message and the acting of Janhavi Kapoor is awe-inspiring. She seems to be one promising star kid in the way she acts from her first movie, Dhadak.

The song I loved-

This Independence Day, 115 children from all over India have come together to give out a message of Hope, Courage & Determination through this music video – O BANDEYA, an initiative by Songfest India. You certainly don’t want to miss it. Watch it here.

The monthly mission we’re running-

It is said that gratitude is the antidote to fear. If we can shift our minds to focus on what we have rather than what we don’t, we will all be in a better place. I along with my nieces, my children and wife are running the month of August as a mission to write a gratitude every single day for 30 days. The finish line is visible now and I for one can certainly feel that I’m a slightly better person already. Our mission is called August-itude.

That is our Mission Augustitude, Whatsapp group display picture to prompt us every day. Isn’t that cool                        

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