[5-Bullet Tuesday] Is This Your Defining Moment?

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Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Tuesday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering.

Something I never knew! –

What made mother Teresa mother Teresa? For twenty years, she was teaching the wealthiest children in Calcutta. She overlooked the impoverished slums that surrounded the well to do neighborhood in which she worked, never venturing out of her tiny sphere of influence. One night, as she was walking down the street, she heard a woman crying out for help. It was in the moment that this dying woman fell into her arms that Mother Teresa’s life changed forever.
Realizing the seriousness of the woman’s condition, Mother rushed her to the hospital, where she was told to sit and wait. She knew the woman would die without immediate attention, so she took her to another hospital. Again, she was told to wait; the woman’s social caste made her less important than the others being treated. Finally, in desperation, Mother Teresa took the woman home. Later that night, she died in the comfort of Mother Teresa’s loving arms.
Mother Teresa’s “defining moment” had transpired: the moment when she decided that this would never happen again to anyone within her reach. From that moment on she decided that she would devote her life to easing the pain of those who suffered around her and that, whether they lived or died, they would do so with dignity. She would personally do everything in her power to see that they would be treated better than they had ever been treated their entire lives, with the love and respect that all people deserve.

(Excerpt from Awaken the giant within, Tony Robbins)

Tool I loved —

Mindomo, is a simple and yet powerful mind-mapping tool. (Thanks to dear DTM Ankur Yadav bhai for sharing this with me) The free version has limitation on the number of mind maps you can create on the cloud. However, using it as an app on the device locally doesn’t have this limitation. I used it to create the mind map I used to structure and remember the points to cover for my office HCD presentation (see the mind map I made below). 

Question that makes me cringe–

When the time comes, will you remember you’re a hero and selflessly respond in support of those in need?

(From the chapter ‘What can one person do?’ in Awaken the giant within)

Quote I’m pondering —

It was involuntary; they sank my boat. – John F Kennedy, when asked how he’s become a hero

Story I loved–

Read the story of Kaushika from Ramayana in ET today (in The Speaking Tree column, cutout below). It teaches the profound lesson that work is worship and duty is God.  While ET has a miniature version of the story, it got be curious and I found the full story here. Give it a read.

ET 20th Aug 2022
The Speaking Tree

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