Who’s a Mentor?


was recently diagnosed with the infamous COVID19 virus. Things were pretty rough. A rollercoaster ride (and I hate rollercoasters)

We were seeking all the support we could, doctors, relatives who are doctors, experts and so on.

I’m blessed to have the support system I have. Of course, their advice was very helpful and we were following it to a tee.

But, then what helped me the most was talking to some colleagues, who we’re going through a similar situation at home. They and their families were affected by the virus.

They were a few steps ahead of me in the cycle. Hence, they knew a thing or two more about how their experience was.

I’m talking to them I got solace, comfort and guidance. We could empathize with each other, understand each other’s pain, and suggest.

It was like they were holding each others hands saying, “Hang on, you’ll be through this.”

Sometimes, they were brutally honest too, which was scary. But I knew they have nothing but my best interest in mind. I always paid heed to what they had to say.

While the doctors and experts were doing their job, these people, who had traveled the path before me, we’re able to help me maintain a calm and confident demeanor.

After all, I’m such situations, one has to remain mentally strong. They made me see hope in myself when I couldn’t see it myself.

That’s what a mentor does.

Today, you have a choice – either figure out this entire path yourself – which could be long, dark tiring and full of pits and falls, or seek guidance from someone who has been there before.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, there is someone who has been through something similar. They would be happy to hold your hand not only to help you overcome that situation but also have you emerge stronger so that when next time, someone else needs your hand, you are ready.

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Best wishes. Until, next time, this is Mohit signing off.

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