So much to be grateful for..

Sohana wrote a beautiful blog today. Well, it’s such an insight , a sort of window to these little  minds, when they write what is deep down. Something we would have never known.

Anyway, Sohana wrote about what she was thinking – there’s some bad things which happen to us, “like Corona” and there are good things also. How to find your gift is Corona time?

Well, her writing is still polishing (just a matter of some more consistent writing 🙂 ) but  her point is well brought home –  There are many blessing that we simply ignore when times are tough.

Today, I’m blessed:

– That things could be worse had I not gotten the fever the day I got it. It was mom dad’s 50th Golden anniversary Puja which we cancelled because I fell ill right at the right time. Can’t thank God enough for that as we had invited some relatives over. Thank you, God.

– I’m blessed to have our relatives who are helping us in this hour if need, giving us food to lessen our burden. Taking care more of the kids and sending their favorite ones like the Chicken we had today and the Vada Sambhar the other day.
– We’re blessed To have a doctor Mamu, who is seven seas away and still looks the closest to us. He shows us that the best form of expression of love is care. He cares and teaches us what it means.
-We’re blessed to have our friends and office leadership who has been extremely supportive at this time when we need it the most. Your words and sometimes even silence is so comforting.

I can go on and on, but the point is that Sohana is right, the question to ask really is “What is your gift in Corona time?”

If you think hard enough, you will find not one but many many gifts in any hard time. Whatsoever. See, Sohana I listed four in Just five minutes 🙂

Until next time, this is Mohit signing off..

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