If Your Life Was An Airplane


magine, the pandemic is over. You’ve got yourself vaccinated as well. Now, you are finally ready to use your savings from last year. You decide to go to your dream destination. Well, yes, what ever it may be for you.

You have got the flight bookings and hotel reservations done. Now, you’re at the airport with your family. Waiting for the boarding to start. The announcement is made, and the boarding starts. You are walking towards the plane…

..But what’s that. Something doesn’t seem right. The plane in front of you has a HUGE body, and the wings are too small. You notice that the fuel is leaking from behind.

Would you get on that flight?

May be not.

That’s because you know that the teeny weeny wings would not be able to lift the weight of the plane. Moreover, the fuel needed to keep the engines running would run out any moment in the air.

But, now consider your own life, your relationships and work. Compare your life to an airplane.

The body represents the tensions, worries, liabilities – all the baggage you carry with you.

The wings are the skills and capabilities you have. They provide the thrust to lift your life upward.

The fuel is the cashflow which is absolutely needed to keep your engines running.

And the engines? The engines are the sales and marketing needed to keep your like going be it business or even personal.

They say that time flies, but the good news is that you’re the pilot. So, when you sit in the cockpit – be clear where you’d want to land, and then keep moving in that direction.

You will be off course like most airplanes are 90% of the time, But as the pilot, you have to keep correcting your course.

Happy journey.

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