How COVID-19 crisis is helping you sharpen your saw?

Hi All,

Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Tuesday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering.

Story I loved–

One thing that I try not to miss these days is tell children a bed time story. This one in particular is the one that I loved the most. It is an extension of the old rabbit and the tortoise story that you all would have read. It’s really interesting how the rabbit deals with losing to a tortoise and what happens after that.

It’s particularly relevant in today’s quarantined world where instead of competing with each other, we must learn to complete each-other instead. Give it a watch here.

Quote I’m pondering —

Mother Teresa once said this. I wonder if there would be a better time to implement it.

Song I loved –

I’m pretty sure by now you have heard this, but if not, you must do so now. First time I saw it, it brought tears of joy to my eyes, extremely emotional and one that connects us all as a country.

Yes, my friends, Muskurayega India. Watch it here.

Poem I loved –

Ayushman Khurana’s poem on Corona warriors is extremely poignant. Hear it from the horse’s mouth here.

What I’ve learnt —

One of the concepts that is taught to MBA students in Strategy class is that of Stretch and Fit. Stretch is how organizations smartly utlilize their meagre resources to meet their aspirations. Fit on the other hand is how organizations match its rsources and capabilities with the opportunities in the external environment.

This little learning is extremely applicable in today’s context of a locked down world due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only organizations but even individuals are learning to stretch –extended family meetings online, neighborhood balcony tambolas and Antaksharis on a chain-phone call with school time friends.

And we’re learnin to fit as well, learning to eat without non-veg, sleep without AC and drink…, well, what’s that?

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