Five Minute Journal: Do You Know What Makes CEOs Successful?

On December 11, 2018 by mohitsawhney

Finding of the day:

According to, a surney of 72 CEOs of successful companies that were doing $50 million and up in revenue revealed the key predictor to their success, and it’s surprising. Read on..

That characteristic is self-awareness, which is defined as “the capacity to monitor and self-regulate one’s internal world.


I am grateful for…

  1. WordPress developers who have created Content Templates. Content templates load the template which is really helpful to writers belonging to all categories – from novices to start their 5-Minute Journal (like this one is a Content Template. It loads to format itself!) to bloggers to get over the writer’s block.
  2. being in a position that I can give. Remember what my friend Karan Manveer says, “Giving hurts but so does taking, so might as well give. Living hurts but so does dying, might as well live!” #Joyofgiving clothes to the needy for the winter that’s approaching.
  3. the Weekly Design System that Robin Sharma shared, and I have been using this since over 5 years. It let’s you create such a massive focus and contiuity into your life and builds a momentum that’s a force to reckon with. Try it out and it may just change your life. Also, glad I created an excel version of it. (Happy to share with those who ask.)

What would make today great?

  1. Slightly different take today on this question. Today would be great if I remain hydrated (4L), and tranquil (calm) while performing my tasks.
  2. Remaining hydrated enhances creativity and that would let me create a BIW( Oh, I mean Best in World) deliverable!
  3. If I went to the gym and release as much Endorphins, a hormone that helps the body cope with the pain and muscle tear that happens during exercising. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, shh…similar to that of morphine.
Daily affirmations. I am …seeing my dreams manifest into reality before my eyes.
Amazing things that happened today…
  1. Surprisingly, the traffic on the roads wasn’t as usual. What normally takes me an hour and 45 minutes was covered in little over an hour. Thank God for small mercies. Has everybody left for Christmas / New Year Holiday leaving me to work? Well, for now, let’s just celebrate the improved traffic condition.
  2. Some bitter medicines yield good results. I am glad I pushed myself into talking to someone in the higher ups who I knew would be genuinely helpful. It required me to step out of my comfort zone. #CourageOverComfort
  3. Someone I know has been out of sorts and anxious. Today, she said that she has figured what would make her really really happy today and every day! I am glad she realized it after all. Okay, you also want to know – answer is kind of boring but that is so true. She thinks that a “daily exercise” in some form will do it for her. Well, I am sure it would, to her, me and everyone who wants to be happier. Don’t believe me? Well, try it. 
How could I have made today better?
  1. I missed an opportunity to have lunch with Dinky, my wife. What a shame I forgot about the fact that she was at work today in the same building. I am glad Deepti’s didn’t create too fuss of it though. But more than anything else, it tells me that my mind has a tendency to be hijacked amidst the office noise. I have to get over that and stay present. Mindfulness.. here I come!
  2. Jonathan Fields says in the Good Life Project, that there are three buckets that need constant filling to make a happy fulfilled day. These are like buckets with little holes at the bottom. Leaving any bucket empty is not a good idea as it would drag the other buckets down with it. These buckets are- Connection, Contribution and Vitality. While I did well on Connection and even Vitality today, Contribution took a bit of a back seat.
  3. Didn’t spend enough quality time with kids. Could have made it more with an activity which would encourae fun, collaborative, and engaging.

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