Five Minute Journal – Why You Must Wear The Same Thing Everyday!

On December 13, 2018 by mohitsawhney

Finding of the day: According to Fast Company, Barack Obama, when he was the President, always wore the same thing – a blue or black suit. This was part of his secret to getting so much done.

He wanted to leave his mind saved from Decision Fatigue, which happens when you use your mind for trivial decisions such as what to eat, wear, buy… This let him focus effectively when the time came for more important decisions to be made.


I am grateful for…

  1. being able to witness my little ones growing up into individuals who are self-understanding. That may sound different from what the world seeks for their children- intelligent, smart, confident, good, but that is enough for me! More than enough actually. Loved watching my five year old daughter practicing for her first ever Fashion show at school the coming weekend. Love your cat walk sweets!
  2. the open conversations without any mincing of the words with my better half. Love these. While there is still a long way to go but I am pausing to thank God for the long journey we have covered to get to where we have reached today.
  3. Zen Parenting folks for everything they do. Their tagline to start with which goes, “the best predictor of a child’s well being is a parent’s self understanding!” Some other quotes that convey a similar message which I recollect:

“Your children will not do what you say. They will say what you do!”

A sign of great parenting is not how your children behave. A sign of great pareting is how you behave!”

What would make today great?

  1. I have done everything possible to minimize the morning decision fatigue – While I am not a Presidential candidate and I don’t completely subscribe to Obama way of wearing the same suit daily but still I have exactly decided the night before, what I will wear to work the next day, taken a shower at night to avoid the procrastication or laziness that starts coming in the wintry mornings. Okay, all I am trying to say here is that after having done so much, I would be happy if I reach work by 9:30 AM.
  2. Taking final steps in getting ready with the pack for the BIG meeting that’s tomorrow. Eating an elephant can only be done one way: one bite at a time, and these are my final bites.
  3. Sharing an anecdote with kids before they leave for school. What started as morning prayer is taking new shapes and forms and serving the curious little minds with some food for thought is extremely satisfying.
Daily affirmations. I am …. yes, just that, “I am!”, and that’s about acceptance, iss-ness and being. I am and that’s a short and yet the most powerful affirmations eva!
Amazing things that happened today…
  1. Ate Burritos for lunch at the new outlet with Deepti, my better half. That was something different and removed the last stains of the guilt I was carrying from yesterday (of completely forgetting about Deepti and having lunch alone unaware!).
  2. Used the two hours drive in productive and open hearted conversation with Deepti. This time which would have been spent in complaining about the traffic or half asleep, was well spent. Interested in what our deep dive was about? Well, the question was: Can a young man and a young woman be friends in a purely platonic relationship? (remember: the movie Maine Pyaar Kiya’s dialogue). While we might consider ourselves progressive and immediately answer ‘yes’ but we’re probably still conditioned in our minds differently… where to draw the line, and how does the society we live in see it? Will share more about that and what we concluded another time.
  3. I think I guarded my time much better today. Didn’t get swayed by someone pushing me into something I would not do. Using my time intentionally and not letting people barge into the little margins reserved for family is truly amazing. #ProudOfMyself
How could I have made today better?
  1. Haven’t been able to find a time for daily exercise. Miss it a lot, and before this important not urgent stuff becomes urgent, it’s time I schedule it in the calendar – As they say, what gets scheduled gets done!
  2. I think I need to have a better handle over the overall plan. The handoff edges are not smooth and agreeing to go forward with half-baked information is becoming a norm. I guess “THE BUCK STOPS HERE” approach is what might work best in this scenario. For that, surely what is needed is complete clarity and control – not leaving a thing up in the air.

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