Are You Thinking What You Mustn’t?


Dad’s cough hasn’t been going away. Talk about persistence. But she’s trespassed a wrong place. I know Dad since when I was a child. He has kicked several nasty trespassing beasts like you. That’s Dad for you.

Remember Gabbar says in Sholay, “Ab ayega majaa! Bahut din ke baad Gabbar ko koi mila hai jo itani baat kar sakey!

Gabbar has been through several tests by now LFT, TFT, Chest X-Ray. But he’s gearing up. He’s been through a short denial phase and now ready to take the bull by it’s horn. He has accepted it and looking for the way forward.


But truth be told,  its indeed a bit worrying. I have been very emotional last few days. In fact, I did a sketch of Dad and I, of a time when I was a baby.

Does worrying help?- No, I know! In fact, it makes it worse.

Dad has lived a life where he either takes action or forgets about it. Worrying distracts and kills. And kills not once, it kills over and over and over. So, its worse than death.

Like one of my friends (Hi Ankit!) says: If something is bothering you, either you can do something about it or not. If you can do something, do it. If you can’t: Forget it. In any case DO NOT WORRY!

The more I think of not worrying the more I worry. What will get to to get back in control. God!


Amidst all this chaos in my mind, I get a Whatsapp message from my Toastmaster’s club:

Greetings from the newsletter team. The wait is over. The work done. We are finally here after months of patience and hard work, with the third edition of our newsletter, ‘The Scoop’.

We welcome you all with smiles, to witness something close to our hearts. Something we are proud of. Something which couldn’t have been possible without any of you.

When? March 04, 2018.
Where? The usual. Mahaan.

We promise to bring smiles on the faces of each and every one present. We promise it is going to be one hell of an experience.

Let the excitement begin!

With much love, 
Ishani Luthra, Editor, Newsletter Team
Toastmasters Club of West Delhi

This message excited me. After all, this time around, I have contributed to the newsletter. My poem – Will I Die Undone.

Suddenly, I see hope. I see that the world is after all a happy and fair place. People are working to a better tomorrow, the newsletter team, for example! And that I am also doing my bit, even if it is a little bit. And, its these many littles that makes a BIG difference.

Just a while ago, I felt no energy to get out of the house and face the world. A ‘moment’ can change that. I am ready to take on the challenge=opportunity. Done that in the past.

To begin with, I am getting ready to attend the TMWD meeting. TMWD Family. There’s a reason it’s called a ‘family’. Family is where you are accepted the way you are. It’s brings you hope. It encourages you.

And the poem, the little investment I had made a few months back. That has borne its first fruit. It’s more than my poem being published in a newsletter (although since it’ll be my first, I haven’t felt so elated eva’!). It’s the momentum that it has built. It’s the feeling that I have control over my life, and this world. I can even make a dent in this universe.

I walked up to Gabbar and told him, “We’re in it together. We’ll get past this!” With a conviction that I seem to be losing for last few days.

Gabbar returned a smile that said, I’m UP FOR IT!

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