[5 Bullet Tuesday] How To Create Your Own Calm?

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Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Tuesday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering.

The app I loved –

I finally found a free app that lets us have one common place for the entire family’s time table. It’s called COZI and has some really cool features to keep the family calendar updated. Available on Android, iOS and on the web. Sawhney family’s loving it.

Social Media post I found useful –

This is a brilliant video that covers the essentials of personal finance, among other fun DIY activities for the family. link


The quote I’m pondering –

“Work is worship; Worship is not work.” – Khushwant Singh


Website I loved –

Loved the sheer beauty of the message wall it lets you create. Padlet.com Here’s how I used it to collate birthday messages from everyone for my son Tanav’s 12th birthday – My padlet


What excited me the most –

My eldest niece, Mehak, has started her first broadcast – “Create your own Calm”. Check it our here, all you itching for calmness souls (in her own words). Mehak has surprised me with her beautifully adorned style of writing. Subscribe to her on Sublist channel, and I guarantee you’ll love it. Okay, and let me share one of the ways she suggests to create your calm – Mandala art. Like the picture featured on this post, done by artist Mehak.

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