[5-Bullet Thursday] Why It Pays To Lighten Up

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Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Thursday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering.

Poem I loved reading – I even recited this one to my children. Great sense of imagination and funnily relatable in today’s tough COVID situation. Give it a read to lighten your load a bit:

A man standing at the bus stop
reading the newspaper is on fire
Flames are peeking out
from beneath his collar and cuffs
His shoes have begun to melt

The woman next to him
wants to mention it to him
that he is burning
but she is drowning
Water is everywhere
in her mouth and ears
in her eyes
A stream of water runs
steadily from her blouse

Another woman stands at the bus stop
freezing to death
She tries to stand near the man
who is on fire
to try to melt the icicles
that have formed on her eyelashes
and on her nostrils
to stop her teeth long enough
from chattering to say something
to the woman who is drowning
but the woman who is freezing to death
has trouble moving
with blocks of ice on her feet

It takes the three some time
to board the bus
what with the flames
and water and ice
But when they finally climb the stairs
and take their seats
the driver doesn’t even notice
that none of them has paid
because he is tortured
by visions and is wondering
if the man who got off at the last stop
was really being mauled to death
by wild dogs.

—Denver Butson (Source: link)

What brought me a smile —

Sohana, my eight year old daughter, made this drawing. I really felt and even told her if that was a virus? Little did I realize that it was World Earth Day today and she had drawn mother earth.

She didn’t like my feedback. Sorry honey, didn’t mean to be mean. HAPPY EARTH DAY.

Who I’m following — Dr. Peter Fuda, the leadership speaker. If you don’t know him, here’s a video clip that may be a good start. See it if you  have 2 minutes 19 seconds to spare.      

Book I’m reading— Have you laughed at work today? at least smiled? The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up, this book is a great insight into why is it super important to keep the atmosphere happy and light.

the levity effect book review

Tip of the week — How to know a person:

Don’t we all want to know the other people in our lives better – be it our love interests, our grandparents, the leaders around us and so on. Well, here are three things which will tell you a lot about any person:

  • their writing
  • the things they give their time to
  • the people with whom they surround themselves

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