[5-Bullet Tuesday] Become A Difference Maker!

Hi All,

Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Tuesday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering.

What I’m reading – 

Is the world still beautiful

Do our stories still matter?

Am I still hopeful ?

.. still yes. still yes. still yes!

That’s the last passage of ‘I Guess I Haven’t Learned that Yet.’ By Shauna Niequist

Reading this and thinking we must be doing something right as I hear the news that Sohana is selected as Jr. School PREFECT today ❤️

Proud day for sawhney family.

What Movie I watched —

Runway 34, excellent direction and acting by Ajay Devgn. Also, stars veteran Amitabh Bachhan. Although the second half is quite predictable but still keeps one hooked till the very end. Watch it with family for Ajay Devgn who’s clearly the hero of the movie and for a revision of the 2015 Jet Airlines incident which inspired the movie.

Here’s what I learnt about making a difference–

I keep turning back to John Maxwell for wisdom, and this is how he says one can become a difference maker:

  1. Stay close to people who are making a difference:- “Who luck” as Jim Collins calls it – who you spend time with will bring you the luck. That environment will influence you to bring you success that will help you make a difference.
  2. Be intentional: Everything worthwhile is uphill – dreams, hopes, forging great relationships. If you have uphill hopes and downhill habits, it will not ever work. Only if we’re intentional, we’ll be able to achieve the potential that God has given within us.
  3. Have a vision gap: Vision gap is the space between what you are doing now and what you could be doing. Having this vision gap helps you grow, and only if you grow will you become a person who will be able to make a difference.

Quote I’m pondering —

“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.”

― Rumi

What touched my heart –

Dad is hospitalized with low haemoglobin, platelets and blood cells. Dinky, my wife, donated blood for his transfusion yesterday. She was quite eager as she sees this as an opportunity to be related to her beloved dad in law by blood .



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